How to Join

Join the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Valley of Harrisburg during an incredible

1 Day Masonic Journey October 29, 2016!  

During this 1 Day Masonic experience, you will be able to travel through not only the Blue Lodge degrees (culminating in the Degree of Master Mason!)  

Then you will also have the opportunity and privilege of joining the Scottish Rite Valley of Harrisburg and becoming a 32°  Scottish Rite Freemason!  

Active and Retired Military will be able to become a Mason at a $50 reduction in initiation fees from both Grand Lodge and the Lodge they join.  

In addition, any Master Mason will be eligible to become a 32° Mason absolutely free of the normal fees.  



STEP 1) Become a Master Mason in Pennsylvania

STEP 2) Complete a Petition for Membership

STEP 3) Have the Petition signed by two members of the Valley of Harrisburg as your recommenders.

STEP 4) Bring or Mail the completed petition along with an application fee of which pricing may be obtained by contacting the Valley of Harrisburg office.  

Credit cards may now be used for partial or full payments.    

Or, if you are already a member of another Valley, Download the Petition for Affiliation

Or, if you would like to restore your membership in the Valley of Harrisburg, Download the Restoration to Membership 


Scottish Rite Valley of Harrisburg